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Small independant Danish/Norwegian label gathering a collective of few selected musicians mostly operating on the scene of improvised musics --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BVHAAST ...

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It wasn’t until the 1970s that bondage magazines began to circulate widely around America, albeit through sex shops and adult stores rather than mainstream distributors.

Now, bondage porn has branched out to include all aspects of BDSM from psychological power exchange play to training videos and the exploration of the joy of becoming a collared submissive.

Some of the most extreme sex videos ever produced are available for free right here on Free Ones!

I am convinced that part of the reason God divinely orchestrated Bishop Joey’s intervention and allowed me to have that experience was to show me the importance of both covering and submission.

Artist, Androscoped, does an amazing job of re-imagining photos and creating interesting and provocative works of art.

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