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] The charter also contained the most comprehensive grant of civil and political authority and jurisdiction that ever emanated from the English Crown.

It was a palatinate that was created with all the royal and viceregal rights pertaining to the unique and exceptional kind of government then existing in the Bishopric of Durham.

The foreign population is small, and the negro population about 248,000.

Baltimore, the chief city, increased 9 per cent in population during the census decade 1900-1910.

In this act Sir George gave practical evidence of his recognition and acceptance of the principle of religious freedom and of the rights of conscience, of which his son Cecilius was to be so illustrious and shining a supporter.The federal census of 1910 gives it 558,485 inhabitants as against 508,957 in 1900.The state census of 1908 shows 401 church organizations with a membership (communicants) of 473,257.The question was only raised as to the grant of Maryland, and that solely and avowedly because it was a grant to a Catholic nobleman for the purpose of establishing a Catholic colony.The committee of the Privy Council on American plantations, after a full hearing of both parties, unanimously decided "to leave the Lord Baltimore to his charter, and the Protestants to their remedy at law ".

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