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6 on my list in 2009: “Often confused with Liv Tyler, Monaghan has the sexy elf thing going on with the upturned nose, maybe the result of Irish ancestry, though she grew up in Iowa. Abrams’ “Star Trek” and followed that up with none other than “Avatar.” She’s now en route to becoming a full-fledged female action star. A journalism major after my own heart from Columbia College in Chicago no less, if you want to see how attractive Monaghan is, watch “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” where she plays the wild love interest of Robert Downey Jr.” If you’re not sure of her acting chops, check out the indie “Trucker.” — After riding the teen circuit in films such as “Center Stage,” “Drumline,” and dare I mention “Crossroads” with Britney Spears, Saldana snagged bit parts in big movies such as the first “Pirates of the Caribbean” and then broke out big time through the geek community in 2009. Although commonly perceived as a light-skinned African-American, Saldana is half Puerto Rican and half Dominican. — The “How I Met Your Mother” actress gets us out of the gate, much like she instantly helped usher that CBS sitcom to success.As the girl from across the bar in the pilot that draws in the main character/narrator, Ted (Josh Radnor), so much was riding on her ability to be the girl next door and she nailed it.Although my crush on Smulders has waned a bit over the seasons of the show, she’s become a true comedienne, capable of acting tomboy without losing any sexiness. — If this list had been made a matter of weeks earlier, the “Captain America: The First Avenger” leading lady might have been nowhere to be found, but luckily I can happily include her.Atwell’s classic body shape and British roots helped her land a lot of roles in memorable period romances such as “Brideshead Revisted” and “The Duchess” with Keira Knightley, but credit Woody Allen with her discovery in his otherwise lackluster film “Cassandra’s Dream.” She made quite the leap in “Captain America,” but certainly proved she can give true strength to a love interest.With that body of work, she’s prevented anyone from painting her into a corner.She’s also very comfortable in her skin to say the least and I’d say most people are comfortable looking at it, too.

Beckinsale was of course in Bay’s “Pearl Harbor” and then solidified her career in the “Underworld” franchise. — Unless you read my 2009 list, Davalos isn’t likely on your radar. The French-born actress gets her distinctive European features from a Greek father and a French mother. She doesn’t have any standout features per se, but she’s a generally beautiful woman.In a career that’s barely spanned 10 years, she’s managed an incredible range of roles from “Bride Wars” to “Get Smart” to “Brokeback Mountain.” That’s on top of an Oscar nomination.

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