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For some great old pictures of London - combining most of the City's archives see HERE The damage is still going on: the property boom is to blame.

Tour guides complain that almost on a weekly basis things are disappearing.

That said, the barons, earls and dukes which pepper these pages did contribute colour to British history (usually blood red).

It doesn't pay to get too sentimental - royalty are always awarding themselves new titles, and the many medals on Prince Charles' military uniform were not won with gallantry, but through pride. Given the damage inflicted by the Luftwaffe, borough councils and rapacious property developers, it's not at all rare for visitors to spend a day in London looking at a series of carparks and office buildings described as "the site where once...", it's no joy to be told that on " on this very place..." something happened, whilst there's no trace for the modern visitor.

The destruction continued when the Duke of Westminster destroyed the Victorian area of 'The Kite' (the University's choice of a development site) erecting a truly monstrous shopping Mall.

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For historical ceremonies (Changing of Guard, Gun salutes, March pasts, funerals etc) try the Army's list HERE.

For big outdoor ceremonials attending the rehearsal can be better than the real thing!

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