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They would thus be the world's earliest known form of writing. Suggestion is that they may have been merely uncomprehending imitations of more advanced cultures, although this explanation is made rather unlikely by the great antiquity of the tablets—there were no literate cultures at the time from which the symbols could have been adopted.[2] Colin Renfrew argues that the apparent similarities with Sumerian symbols are deceptive: "To me, the comparison made between the signs on the Tărtăria tablets and those of proto-literate Sumeria carry very little weight. Aventura acestor incredibile “pietre” inscriptionate a inceput prin anii ’80 ai secolului trecut, cand profesorul Dumitru Ionita, in timpul unei recunoasteri de teren desfasurate in punctul numit Vadu Rau din localitatea nemteana Farcasa, a descoperit o serie de obiecte neolitice, cum ar fi: fusaiole, greutati pentru plasele de pescuit sau pentru razboiul de tesut, topoare slefuite din piatra etc.

Interpretation The meaning (if any) of the symbols is unknown, and their nature has been the subject of much debate. Printre aceste obiecte, cateva i-au atras atentia in mod deosebit.

If one wants to go on with the image of a ritual pit, one should start to talk about the Tartaria is a script that appeared some 2,000 years earlier than any other known writing. The script first appeared in the central Balkans, but quickly spread to southern Hungary, Transylvania, the Danube valley, Macedonia, and northern Greece.

The Danube script flourished up to about 5,500 BC, when a social upheaval apparently took place.

They bear incised symbols that have been the subject of considerable controversy among archaeologists, some of whom claim that the symbols represent the earliest known form of writing in the world. 1981 Pre-writing in Southeast Europe: The Sign System of the Vinca culture.For a short period before that, the official anthem of the country was Deșteaptă-te, române! Mateevici contributed significantly to the national emancipation of Bessarabia.The music for the anthem was composed by Alexandru Cristea (1890—1942).Scholars who conclude that the inscribed symbols are writing base their assessment on a few conclusions, which are not universally endorsed. Este vorba despre tablite din lut ars, unele de forme rectangulare, ovale sau rotunde, care prezentau pe una din fete diverse semne incizate: romburi franjurate, linii intersectate, ce constituiau suport pentru alte linii mai mici asezate in rand, diverse puncte scobite etc.Others consider the pictograms to be accompanied by random scribbles. In decursul anilor, erodarea malului drept al Bistritei a continuat, prilej cu care au tot iesit la iveala alte cateva zeci de asemenea tablite, numarul lor ajungand la 120, toate purtatoare ale unor insemne protoliterate, dupa cum crede profesorul Ionita.

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