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people.” As with all stereotypes, much of Matt’s enmity toward vegetarians and vegans is based on the perception of a threat to a belief system—in this case, his belief that “if God didn’t mean for us to eat animals, He wouldn’t have made them out of meat.” Should Matt ever read this review, he’ll probably “have a cow” (wouldn’t that be appropriate?) to learn about The Acre, an Albuquerque vegetarian restaurant with the audacity to describe its cuisine (not the word he’d use) as “comfort food,” and worse to declare that its “fresh, hearty, traditional American cuisine” will “satisfy even the most devoted carnivore.” Being a staunch, unwavering meat-eater, he would view those assertions as “fighting words” or “blasphemy” but would never consider taking it as a challenge to sample the cuisine, if only to prove his contentions as to how bad vegetarian food is. will never see Matt’s shadow cross over The Acre’s doors. You are, however, missing some of the very best vegetarian food in Albuquerque if you don’t visit The Acre, where as we discovered, those claims of “comfort food” and “satisfying devoted carnivores,” are all true.Above: Paige at the COWGIRL photo shoot on the Rio Grande, Albuquerque, New Mexico.RIGHT: Paige in the winner’s circle with Jimmie Johnson after winning the Food City 500 race at the Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee. He heads straight over to the logo banner to describe his winning run.

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I go to the PBR’s with him and he’ll come to the ERA’s with me and then we have to make trips back home to South Carolina to see my family.

I pay close attention and try to add to the conversation through my questions.

Then I think, ‘what would be interesting, what would I want to know if I were sitting at home.’ I really try to bring the fans closer to the sport.”If they’re rough stock, who they rode, what they scored.

Below: Paige and Ty on their favorite horses—Call and Pokey—on Ty’s 2,100 acre Stephenville, Texas ranch.

The next morning my friend Carly Twisselman told me she got a call from Ty and he had invited her to dinner. She said, ‘I didn’t talk to Ty, I think he thinks I’m you.

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