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The police and Crown Prosecution Service have been accused of failing to disclose crucial information about cases, resulting in defendants’ right to a fair trial potentially being undermined, according to a new report.

Compiled by was rare for police officers to tell prosecutors about evidence that could undermine their case or assist the accused’s – known in legal terms as unused material.

Prosecutors only dealt fully with these issues in only one in four cases and in 38.3 per cent of cases they were not dealt with at all.His claim was not investigated by the police or the CPS before he was charged and he was held in custody for six months.Shortly before the trial, a review discovered police intelligence that matched his claim, and the case was dismissed.There is a “culture of defeated acceptance” where authorities and lawyers would seek to “work around the failings” rather than fixing them, it said.Inspectors drew their conclusions after examining 146 crown court case files, including 56 that the CPS identified as failing as a result of disclosure issues.

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